The cherished performer Mo’Nique enjoys thanked and recognized this lady equal Whoopi Goldberg for pleasing the girl appearing on her success tv show ‘The see.’

Taking to your program to address the issues she actually is dealing with within Hollywood, Mo’Nique answered inquiries posed to this lady by their offers and shared the girl unwillingness to permit herself as bullied has actually observed the lady come to be a persona non grata in sectors she was once welcomed in.

Everything we didn’t see?

What happened when Whoopi pulled Mo’Nique into the lady dressing space to reveal that she had been misled and manipulated.

Whoopi are but to reply.

Though some may try to become this development into a poor one, we’re thrilled to discover that Mo’Nique is receiving prefer and guidance from performers like Goldberg that faced close predicaments.

Alas, not everybody seems Whoopi is the better person to suggest Mo’Nique.

THANK YOU for those real statement & reasonable sentiments

Dark individuals whine about anything they not be contented we realize there’s inequality in community anyone call whoopie a koon but whoopie remains rich while having a position monique features a entitle attitude and this’s exactly why nobody is going to work with her in every area of culture we have employers spending your for just what a job deserves very 5000000 money is preferable to nothing immigrants are available begin with little next build to one thing and never complain this heifer is actually crazy that’s the reason why blacks continues to be towards the bottom and all different competition developing and outpacing them in every different part of culture remain worrying that is just what white people love observe

Spoken like a genuine dummie!!

I am aware what you are really stating but this woman is not an immigrant the woman is a Oscar winner traditionally Oscar winners Caucasian Oscar winners receive a premium price at least 20 million for movie since Julia Roberts 12 million was the cap for Halle Berry. Thus while she is likely to be difficult to deal with a factor continues to be she’s funny and skilled and really does their task better should she along with other black females not be settled a premium price

Their want Mo is in a cult called father

Facts! She should divorce him or fire him as the girl management. Companies and enjoyment don’t blend. He’s truly the condition.

Everybody’s started stating that, plus it’s thus most evident.

We concur. I can’t sit it whenever one gradually works like a b|tch, discussion like a b|tch, features b|tch approaches. Monique’s husband was a fairy king. consoles me, and checks me as I need to be examined in place of a guy with too much b|tch in him.

Spoken like a true hoteptress. Lemme estimate? You’re unmarried correct?

Rhea i actually do not understand what a “hotepress” is actually but you are wrong. I was hitched now let’s talk about the past five years to my soul mates. Too many females these days are way too pleased to submit their guy but i like it and love being with one that really loves me personally in my situation. In my own quarters my better half is actually master as well as the primary company and I am his queen.

They r perhaps not associates. Whoopi is actually a legend to gp/mainstream. Monique is actually an urban legend

I really could not watch mature dating site in usa your whole podcast because Monique are completely wrong right here to get airing out Whoopi’s advice. We go along with Whoopi that Monique’s fairy king husband provides manipulated their and damaged the girl job plenty the problems is likely to be permanent. They might be thus focused on becoming “right” in place of making a direct impact in black colored female funny going considerably traditional and eating their loved ones. We suspect Monique understands this woman is not too funny, the woman stand audience is smaller, and her trophy partner would allow the woman if she demoted Jim just to babysitter therefore she’s stuck on these unsuccessful efforts at relevancy disguised as “I’m becoming blackballed” and “I’m here for equal pay in hollywood.” No Monique you might be about yourself & most people read your own BS and fixation with experience you will be “right.”


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