MONOGAMISH: Colloquial a connection which is not necessarily sexually fidelitous, but that is different from polyamory in that the exterior sexual relationships have emerged as largely intimate versus intimate, without necessarily having any hope of continuity, consequently they are considered as boosting the primary partners. Discover appropriate available matrimony . Etymology: The expression had been coined by columnist Dan Savage to describe committed relationships that however let some aˆ?outsideaˆ? sexual dalliances.

MONOGAMY: (Literally, mono one + gamos relationship) officially, the state or practice of experiencing singular wedded spouse . Informally, the state or practise of having singular wedded partner at one time, or maybe more normally, creating singular sexual lover or just one partnership at one time. Monogamous: of or linked to the technique of monogamy , as in monogamous relationship: a relationship permitting one and only one intimate or intimate companion. Contrast polyamory, polygamy, polygyny, polyandry; read related shut matrimony, serial monogamy.

MONO/POLY: Colloquial; discover poly/mono

NESTING OR NESTING CONNECTION: A nesting relationship suggests about the same as aˆ?primaryaˆ? (the greater typical use) aˆ“ several folks live collectively and developing a closely discussed lifestyle. This is exactly much better some, in order to avoid the aˆ?rankingaˆ? implication. This can lead to well-known alternative of a non-nesting partnership (occasionally called second).

NESTING MATE: aˆ‹aˆ‹aˆ‹aˆ‹ some one with that you cohabit closely,aˆ‹aˆ‹ but with whom you never participate in usual aˆ?relationship escalatoraˆ? behaviors (development to relationships, mixing finances, pinpointing as a aˆ?coupleaˆ?, shared-bedroom cohabitation, etc.), poly-hierarchy or couple-centrism. Itaˆ™s a method of indicating a cohabiting collaboration, whilst suggesting that you don’t do constructs which can be often presumed of cohabiting lovers/partners.

NEW PARTNERSHIP FUEL (NRE): a solid, practically giddy feeling of thrills and infatuation usual at the start of every brand new connection. Frequently adopting the beginning of a relationship (instead of wish for a relationship), and may be as durable as years. Contrast old/existing union fuel. Commentary: Some experts believe that brand new connection energy sources are caused by the hormones oxytocin and vasopressin , which have been released by brain through the beginning of a brand new relationship and after a mother offers delivery and therefore are thought to need a task in emotional connection and also in the attitude of delight and health that often accompany the beginning of another union.

NOETISEXUAL: (noun) aˆ?Noetisexual aˆ” Itaˆ™s a psychological attraction instead of a purely aˆ?intellectualaˆ? one. Itaˆ™s loving the shape of their emotional surroundings and planning to explore it. Itaˆ™s falling crazy about how they believe, their particular emotional form. Itaˆ™s loving their own imagination, their own ingenuity, their own silliness, their unique laughter, their emotional intelligence, how they utilize keywords, and/or method they make mental room for your needs within minds, and a lot more.

aˆ?Itaˆ™s getting attracted to ways their particular heads function aˆ” not just how their particular mind functions aˆ” versus simply one ill-defined element of they. Noeti may serve as a prefix alone: noetisexual, noetiromantic, noetisensual, etc. Noetilinking,the general enjoy, is certainly not a sexuality by itself; it may be a variety of attraction like sexy or psychological become types.aˆ? aˆ“ Michon Neal

NRE (initialism): See newer partnership fuel.

NRE JUNKIE: ( Colloquial; frequently derogatory) an expression occasionally applied, often dismissively, to a person who starts many new connections in quick succession but doesn’t seem to keep relationships for extended. Such you may appear to seek out the euphoria and rigorous emotion associated with newer union fuel around servicing of a long-term partnership. Discourse: Some psychologists and psychiatrists believe that the strength and euphoria involving brand-new connection strength can be psychologically addicting; when you look at the psychological neighborhood, the expression aˆ?love addictionaˆ? might be familiar with describe this conduct.

past PARTNERSHIP ELECTRICITY (ORE), furthermore Existing Relationship strength (ERE) : The feeling of benefits, security, and security usually of a long-standing partnership. Contrast brand-new connection power.

ONE MANHOOD RULES: (OPP) an arrangement within a polyamorous partnership for which men is allowed to need numerous feminine lovers, each one of whom try allowed to have intercourse with other women but prohibited to possess all other male lovers. Commentary: Its hypothetical reverse, a aˆ?one genitals policyaˆ? for which a female possess several male lovers that each prohibited getting different female enthusiasts, seems thus uncommon concerning feel theoretical; Iaˆ™ve not witnessed or observed a real-life exemplory instance of such a relationship.

START MATRIMONY: Any relationship whose buildings or agreements enable one or both of the users present to possess outside sexual relations, outside intimate interactions, or both. The definition of open marriage is actually a catchall for marriages that are not mentally or sexually monogamous; and might include such activities as polyamory or moving. Comparison closed wedding; See appropriate team relationships. Commentary: The expression aˆ?open marriageaˆ? can be used as a synonym for polyamory , though this is simply not fundamentally the outcome; some relations could be open not polyamorous (such as some swinging relationships which explicitly prohibit psychological entanglement with individuals beyond your union), several affairs may be polyamorous although not open (such as polyfidelitious affairs).

START RELATIONSHIP: 1. Any connection that is not sexually monogamous . 2. Any relationship that permits aˆ?outsideaˆ? sexual entanglements, yet not warm or romantic interactions. Commentary: some people make use of the term open relationship as a synonym for polyamory . For other people, the expression excludes polyamory , and is also made use of specifically to explain relations that are sexually non-monogamous but which however count on that group present will not fall-in adore or practice intimate interactions away from couples, in terms of sample with many swinging relations. Itaˆ™s important to be careful when making use of this phrase, as it can bring different connotations for various someone.

ORE (initialism): read outdated partnership power.

DIFFERENT SIGNIFICANT OTHER (OSO): 1. A partneraˆ™s various other spouse; metamour. 2. A personaˆ™s mate, occasionally not always a non- major or non- spouse partner; as, Bob is actually my husband, and Joe are my personal additional significant other.

OSO (initialism): read other spouse.

OPP (initialism): read one dick policy.

PANSEXUAL: consumption: in certain communities, particularly some areas of the lesbian and homosexual people, antipathy toward or hostility to people which self-identify as bisexual grew to become typical. The expression pansexual has started in order to become preferred as a synonym for bisexual but without any bad connotations for the word.


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